SAI Astrological Centre

Prof.(Dr.) Rupesh Chakroborty
Prestigious "PCB"AWARD Winner , CTVN(Search Light) Award Winner
Dean of Astrology
M.A.R.P.(Kolkata) Jyotish Samrat , Gold Medalist
Ex-Professor-Astrological Research Project(Kol)
FOR ANY PROBLEM : Buisness, Service, Education, Family, & Legal Matter etc. in Life (100% GURANTED ) !
Chamber: 20/A, Jodhpur Garden, Kolkata - 45, From 12:30pm to 6:00am
(Opp. Usha Gate , Prince Anwar Shah Rd.)
After Silverline Eye Hospital
Residence : 172/1, Picnic Garden Rd, (Purbashree Pally), Kolkata- 39, From 07:00am to 10:00 am
Phone: 2422 4144 (Chamber), 2345 0963 (Residence) ,  98302 73130 (Mobile)

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