Kamakhya Tantra Sadhak Mahayogi & Astrology
Sri  Dulal Chandra Naskar
Spondilosis, Thyroid, Paralysis, Breast Cancer, Tumour, Epilepsy, Asthama, Nerve Disorder, Sugar, Curse or Planet related problem. High Blood Pressure, Heart attack & Body Pain, Loss in Business. For the above problem problem no medicine will work. Only through sacred works any severe illness can be cured within 2 to 3 months with 100% gurantee. No requirement of medicine in the future.
Kamakhya Mandir (Sat - Tues)(9am-9pm)
24/1, Mondal para Garfa, Kol - 78, Jadavpur.
Phone: 2416 1259, 98301 16596
E mail: naskardulal@cypo.com

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